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Principles Of Health Education

Purpose/Aims of Health Education:
  • To ensure that health is an assets in the community.
  • To equip the people with skills, knowledge and attitude.
  • To promote the development and proper use of health service.
Principles of Health Education

It is a psychological principle that people are unlikely to listen to those things which are not to their interest.

It should aim at encouraging people to work actively with health workers and others identifying their own health problems and also in developing solution and plans to work them out.

Known to unknown
Start where the people are and with what they understand and then proceed to new knowledge

In Health Education, we must know the level of understanding, education and literacy of people to whom the teaching is directed.

Repetition at interval is extremely useful for understanding all the news.

Every individual has a fundamental desire to learn. Stimulation or awakening of desire of learning called motivation.

Health educators must be aware of the various barriers of communication and cultural background of the community.

Learning by doing
The Chinese proverb “if I hear, I forget. If I see, I remember. If I do, I know” illustrate the importance of learning by doing.

Good Human Relationship


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But as we go little at subtle level, it has been found that as we grow older, our chakras(Energy centres) get depleted, subsequently, our immunity weakened. So, We must also focuss on increasing the prana, the vital life force, in our subtle and gross bodies!!!!!!

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However, 3rd world country's life expectancy recenty incresed

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